Looking to buy a La-Z-Boy suite, sofa or chair?  Here are a few points to consider before you make your choice.

Buying a suite or sofa is a big investment, so it’s important to make the right decision.  We’ve put together some tips and advice to help you make the best possible choice.

Every option of motion or static model has its own unique benefits to consider.  The following summary will give you an overview for each type:


The traditional static model is a popular choice for a wide range of customers.  We’re all familiar with static sofas, and benefits include that they can be smaller or lighter than recliners, because there is no internal mechanism.  This can make them more beneficial for use in small rooms, or rooms with restricted access.

Think about how you like to sit, and remember that if you want to lie down on your sofa you’ll need to consider its length and the arm height.

Power recline

A power recliner allows you to lie back and put your feet up at the touch of a button.  Many of our power recliners also feature a handy USB charging point by the switch.

If you’re buying a power recliner you’ll need to allow space behind the sofa, for the back rest to recline, and at the side of each arm, to be able to reach the control.  Also bear in mind that you’ll need access to a power socket to connect your product.

Handle recline

The La-Z-Boy handle recline mechanism is patented, to give you a reclining experience like no other.

The backrest and footrest work independently so you can achieve a personalised reclining position.  And a ratchet allows you to comfortably slide the seat forward while the back rest moves in harmony your the body, supporting your lumbar region at all times.  The three-position handle can then be utilised to select a comfortable footrest angle.  

A four-sided frame gives our handle products additional strength and durability, and adjustable wingnuts allow for the ideal tension to be reached for individual users.

The handle itself is branded and is available in a wood or chrome finish, for further personalisation.

You will need to allow for space at the side of the arm so you can access the handle.

Manual (latch recline)

Our manual recliners offer a movement similar to our power recliners, but are operated with a latch at the side of the chairs and move in stages, rather than in a smooth motion.

You’ll need to allow space behind the chairs to allow for the backrest to recline, and also at the side of each arm to be able to access the latch.

Our latch release chairs offer an excellent value option to purchase a reclining product.

Designed and Manufactured in Britain

The Made in Britain campaign is a movement designed to bring together the manufacturing community in the UK, awarding companies who manufacture their products in Britain a collective mark we can use on our products and communications.

The mark proudly demonstrates La-Z-Boy’s commitment to supporting the local economy and community.

You can identify our UK manufactured products by the Made in Britain flag on the product’s photos.

We launch new ranges throughout the year, so be sure to follow us on social media and check back to keep up-to-date with our new products.