Bringing summer style into your living room

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There are plenty of quick and easy ways to inject some summer style into your living room. A few simple changes can create a light and airy atmosphere and make the most of the warmer weather.

We’re not talking about changing your chairs for sun loungers – just a few ideas to give your home that holiday vibe.

  • Beach inspired accessories – small accessories and keepsakes can make a real difference. Sea glass vases, bowls and candle holders can create that chilled seaside ambience, and you can complement these with wicker or woven baskets with plants which bring the outdoors indoors. You could even try swapping your traditional houseplants for cacti, to bring some ‘prickly heat’ to your home! 

  • Let in the light – Your windows and patio doors are a real opportunity to welcome the summer into your home. Put heavy curtains in storage and replace them with lightweight and lightly-coloured voiles using cotton or chiffon. If you prefer more privacy choose a roller blind which can be rolled up during the day. Clear windowsills of clutter to let more light in – or use them to house your new stylish accessories. 
  • Feel the breeze – Keeping windows and doors open is probably the cheapest and easiest way to invite the summer in. You’ll enjoy the fresh air and the summer smells of fresh-cut grass or barbeques, and if there’s a bit of a breeze it will hopefully take hold of your new floaty curtains.

  • Flooring and rugs – Flooring can play a big part in creating that summery atmosphere. Hardwood or laminate floors create the feel of decking, sailing or even a promenade along a pier. One of the easiest way you can make the most of this is to roll back your rug, or on the other hand you could replace it with a lighter-coloured version.

  • Paint it white, with an accent…. White walls are a relatively cheap way of introducing summer style, providing you add an accent such as a feature wall or furniture using vibrant, vivid colours – reminding you of the relaxing heat or architecture of foreign climes.

  • …or go bold with colours! If your heart is set on giving your living room a full-scale summer make-over, think sea blues or sandy yellows. A great mix of turquoise, aquamarine and sea-green, or perhaps a zesty citron and lemongrass, are shades which bring you close to the coast.

  • Evenings in – Floor lamps are a great way of lighting your living room during the summer months, especially on an evening when a main light can be much too bright. Lamps can create a similar effect to a campfire on the beach, especially when it’s warm enough to leave windows and patio doors open!