Creating an ideal workspace in your home

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More and more people are homeworking these days, with businesses recognising the benefits of allowing employees time away from the office to concentrate and focus on the job in hand.

There are also many more people running their own businesses from home as alternative to leasing a workspace. But how do you create that ideal office environment at home? For some, it can be a real challenge to create a productive environment while shutting out the many distractions that home comforts can bring.

Here we offer a few hints on how you can transform your space - however big or small - into the ideal home office.


Clear the clutter

In an ideal world you'll have a dedicated room to hide away and concentrate, a spare room you can convert to a study. But sometimes that's not possible and you may have to make do with a desk in the living room, a corner of the kitchen or even sharing a space with a partner.

Whatever space you have, make sure it stays spacious by clearing it of any unnecessary clutter and finding suitable storage - boxes, filing cabinets or folders. Clearing the mess not only keeps it tidy and helps focus your mind, it also makes your workspace more inviting and keeps you motivated.


Keep it light, keep it quiet

Natural light is ideal when trying to create a relaxing space where you can concentrate, but if this is not possible you may need to invest in a lamp or wall-mounted lighting. Both have pros and cons - using a lamp means more cables but you can move it around your workspace if you need to.

Keeping your space quiet is also critical to maintaining concentration. This extends beyond having your own private space away from the children, pets and other distractions. It also includes finding a quiet area where your concentration won't be broken by noise from outside, and of course resisting the temptations of the TV.


Suitable seating - swivel chairs

Many people invest in a desk for their home office but still insist on using a kitchen chair, armchair or stool to sit on.

This can be a big problem for maintaining good posture, and if your office is in your kitchen or living room it really doesn't help you keep a neat dividing line between work and play. Investing in a proper office chair is a better solution, so that you can select your ideal seating position.

Our swivel chairs offer a range of functional styles and colours to match your needs. Along with power and manual recline options available, our chairs also offer tilting headrests to provide head and neck support while reading - particularly useful if you need a screen break.

What's more, our matching ottoman footstools can be easily switched to be used as a laptop side table, and our Andrea model comes with a dual USB charging feature. In other words, our executive swivel chairs are the perfect complement to your desk space, or with the use of the ottoman footstool can become a home workspace on their own!