Take a break this Read a Book Day

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September 6th is National Read a Book Day, encouraging everyone to pick up a favourite book, or try a new read, and get reading.

Whether you’re reading along in the comfort of your La-Z-Boy recliner chair, or enjoying time reading with children, grandchildren, a partner on your La-Z-Boy sofa or corner unit, make some time in your day to bury your nose in a book.

A National Read a Book Day spokesperson said: “Reading improves memory and concentration as well as reduces stress.   Older adults who spend time reading show a slower cognitive decline and tend to participate in more mentally stimulating activities over their lifetime.  Books are an inexpensive entertainment, education and time machine, too!”

Here are a few ideas for how to make the most of Read a Book Day.

Workplace swap shop

Get the rest of your colleagues in the office involved in the day, and ask everyone to bring in a book to lend or even give, that they think someone else will love.  This is a great way to encourage people to read things beyond their normal comfort zone.

You could arrange it as a lucky dip, where people choose at random which book they take, or have a ‘secret Santa’ system, where everyone picks a name and chooses a book for a particular colleague.

Pass down a classic

Many of us find it difficult to part with favourite books from when we were young.  They hold so many memories and their sentimental value can be difficult to overcome!

Make it your mission to raid the attic or bookshelf and dust off an old classic to share with a young person in your life.  Take an hour to read the story to them – or make a start – and share the joy of your childhood memories.

Get social

If you’re looking for reading inspiration, or desperate to share the excitement of your latest read, start a private group with friends on a social networking site to chat and share ideas.

Read a Book Day is the perfect time to start this, that could become an integral part of your reading habits for years to come.

Switch sides

Take the challenge with your partner to read each other’s most recently completed books.  The chances are that you both tend to favour specific genres or authors, but you’d both appreciate each other’s tastes.

It could open your eyes to an as-yet untapped source of reading material for you both – and the best part is you’ll each have the perfect person to ask for recommendations.