Bringing autumn into your home

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Autumn is already upon us, and for many people it is their favourite season – a time when you can enjoy leisurely outdoor walks among the leaves and trees before retreating to the warmth and comfort of your home.

If you’re one of those people that likes to embrace the changing of the season, here are a few tips on how you can bring autumnal influences into your living space.

Inspired by nature

The most obvious is to change or adapt your colour scheme, using typically strong autumn colours such as red, yellow, orange and burgundy which reflect the changing colours in nature.

But don’t overuse these colours, as you’ll create a living space which is too dark and not so inviting. Limit the use of these colours to sofas, curtains, rugs or throws, and ornaments, offsetting these shades against warm beige, golden brown and sage green.

If you prefer a cooler colour palette, greys and steely blues are also on-trend this season.

Feel the difference

If you’re making a significant change from your summer style, introducing thicker fabrics and different textures can give your living room that cosy appeal. A thick, colourful rug or throw, heavier curtains and downy pillows made with chenille or velvet can offer a contrast to some of the harder furniture in your living area.

A variety of tactile fabrics can help create somewhere cosy as the darker nights draw in.

Conquer (or conker!) the clutter

You can quickly and easily make your living room more inviting by giving it a thorough tidy and removing any clutter.

Try to limit the number of items on a coffee table, shelf or window sill to just two or three. This way you can highlight items that you treasure and change them around regularly to give a whole new look.

Drawing attention to your fireplace is fitting at this time of year, for example by adding some new artwork or ornaments above it.  Perhaps a display of fir cones or an autumnal scene would bring the season into your home?

Little and light touches

The last little touches are the ones that can often go unnoticed, but can also make a real difference.

Introduce some new materials or metals to your room, or use lighting to create mood.

A new lamp, perhaps using a copper stand, or even just changing to a coloured bulb can create a very different ambience in your living room – perfect for when the curtains are about to be drawn and you’re relaxing in front of the fire or the TV.

Wooden or bronze ornaments have that rustic feel to them, perfect to introduce some autumnal colours.

And to really create that seasonal feel, introduce some smells to invigorate the senses. Candles, oils, reeds and pot pourri can all recreate the scents of an autumnal stroll, with candles also helping create the room’s ambience on an evening.