De-stress in comfort

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At La-Z-Boy, we are connoisseurs of comfort and our customers rely on our products to help them relax and unwind.   

Most of us will complain of having stress in our lives at some point – whether work is causing us issues, or relationships with friends or family, or factors outside our control.  While stress has become an everyday term, it’s important to remember that stress can have very real impact on our bodies physically, as well as mentally.

To mark Stress Awareness Day (1st November) we’ve put together a few tips to help you de-stress.


Sharing is caring

It sounds obvious, but talking about what is causing you stress is the first step to solving it. If you don’t feel like you can talk to family or friends, or don’t want to worry them, someone less close to you such as a work colleague, or even a stranger on a train, could provide a listening ear.  You might even consider calling the Samaritans, who will listen to you without judging.

Writing problems down can also help.  The act of really thinking about and describing what is causing you stress can be cathartic and it may trigger ideas of how you can reduce tension, without anyone else being involved.


Back to nature

It’s been proved that fresh air and exercise produce stress-busting chemicals in the brain.  Change your routine so you can easily incorporate more of each into your daily life.

If you work in an office take a walk or eat outside in your lunchbreak so you get a proper change of scene.  

Take more stairs instead of lifts or escalators, and aim to replace short car journeys with a walk.  If you walk regularly, try changing your regular route to take in new sights and energise your brain.


Comfort is key

Areas designed for relaxing – such as your living room or bedroom – need to be comfortable.  If you’re constantly shifting or changing position on your sofa or when you’re trying to sleep, this is bound to cause tension.

If it’s time to invest in a new sofa, chair or bed then think of this as your route to relaxation.  Or you could simply update scatter cushions or pillows for added comfort.


Create a stress-free zone

Make an area in your home that is simply a space for relaxing.  This may be your favourite chair, or an entire room that is free from any reminders about work or anything that is causing the root of your stress.  This could even be things like piles of washing, or areas of clutter that you keep meaning to tidy.  It’s really important you’re able to enjoy some ‘me time’ without any distractions, so make sure any stressful elements are cleared away.