4 reasons a power recliner is right for you

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When you’re choosing a recliner, you may well be thinking about what colour, style or cover would suit your home.

But have you thought about what type of recliner would work best for you? Most of La-Z-Boy UK’s recliners come with a power recline or manual recline option and which one you choose is down to personal preference.

Power recliners are controlled by buttons and use a power supply to operate the back, footrest and headrest. Here are four reasons you might want to choose a power recliner for your home.

  1. No strength required

Manual recliners use a lever or latch to adjust the chair to a comfortable position and the footrest is pushed back into place by the legs to close it. Although La-Z-Boy’s manual recliners are designed to be easy to use, they still take more physical effort than a power recliner.

As they are operated simply by pushing a button or sensor, power recliners are ideal for the those with any physical restrictions or who simply want to recline with the minimum of effort.


  1. Charge as you recharge

Selected La-Z-Boy power recliners include USB charging points so you can recharge your phone or tablet while you relax and recharge your own batteries. No more getting comfortable and then finding your mobile is running low on juice so you have to get up to plug it in.


  1. Completely adjustable

When you use a power recliner, you can adjust it gradually at the touch of a button until you find the position which is perfect for you. While manual recliners usually have fixed settings, power recliners are more flexible when it comes to position which can make them a better option for individualised comfort. In certain models, the headrest, back and footrest can be adjusted separately too, making it easier for you to fully relax with your head and feet supported.


  1. No compromise on style

The La-Z-Boy Urban Attitudes collection offers the on-trend styling of on-leg sofas, with all the benefits of a power recline mechanism.  Selected models feature hidden controls, with sensors located between seat cushions, for the ultimate sleek finish on the side of your sofa or chair.