Are you thinking of buying a new sofa for Christmas?

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Many families all over the UK have guests and loved ones visiting for the festive season.

This is an exciting time, but can also cause stresses and niggles… from finding enough seats to make everyone comfortable, to making sure that your home is looking at its best, ready for judgement from your visitors!

Christmas is often the time your home will be at its busiest, so arranging your living space is likely to become a priority.  It’s for this reason that so many people decide to invest in a new sofa for the festive period.  If you are considering buying a new sofa for Christmas, these top tips may help you out.


  1. There is still time!

It’s not too late to secure your new sofa or suite in time for Christmas, but bear in mind that cut-off dates will vary between retailers.  This will depend on various factors including stock levels, manufacturing lead time, delivery availability and stores’ Christmas opening dates.

You’re more likely to be able to secure a stock sofa, rather than a bespoke made-to-order model, in time for this year’s festive season, so if you’re set on buying a new suite make sure to make this very clear to your salesperson who will be able to advise you on options.


  1. No need to wait for sales

Not all that long ago it was almost traditional to wait for Boxing Day sales before buying a new sofa, but times have moved on.  Many retailers have excellent offers throughout the year and will often stagger their sales periods so that it makes sense to shop around.  And since Black Friday has become more popular in the UK, sales periods have tended to start earlier and run throughout December.

But remember, your sofa is an important investment that will last you years to come, so if you find your perfect match don’t leave it too late to buy!


  1. Don’t panic buy

The most important thing about Christmas is spending time with loved ones, so try to resist the urge to think your home has to be ‘perfect’.  By limiting your choice of sofa to those which can be delivered by December 25th you may be ruling out a lot of options.  You can always spruce up older seating with throws and cushions over the festive season if your dream sofa won’t arrive in time.


  1. Think long term

Your new sofa will be an investment that will be with you for years to come, so don’t rush the buying process and end up regretting your decision.  Plan your space, think about how you will use your suite and carefully consider upholstery and colour options that will suit your home into the future. 

It’s worth visiting a selection of retailers to see furniture first hand, try out different styles and get a feel for how recliner options feel for you.  That way you’ll know exactly what to expect when your new suite arrives at your home.