Beat the post-holiday blues by livening up your living room

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If you yearn to be back on holiday, why not beat the autumn blues by embracing the spirit of summer in your living room?

The weather is turning colder and the dark nights have started drawing in. But don’t despair - you can relive some of your holiday highlights by introducing memories and mementoes into your living space.

  1. Make your photos a focal point

One of the biggest downsides to digital cameras is that fewer people actually print their photographs and put them on display in their homes. Choose some of your favourite holiday snaps and create a striking photo collage. You could buy a frame designed to display a number of prints or design your own collage online and print it as a poster. If you prefer the effect created by a single image, pick a photograph which sums up your holiday and brings back happy memories and get it printed onto a large canvas.


  1. Shelve your souvenirs

If you’ve picked up some treasures and trinkets to help remember your holiday, don’t hide them away. Create some interesting talking points in your living room by displaying your souvenirs on floating shelves. Clean, simple and unfussy, floating shelves can look highly effective on their own or in groups of three. Seeing ornaments and objects from your trip will give you something to smile about as you relax and remind you of summer sunshine.


  1. Bring the beach to you

Nothing says summer like a sandy beach. Interesting shells, pieces of driftwood and pretty pebbles make attractive centrepieces which can liven up your living room. One way of showing off your seaside souvenirs is to arrange them in a pretty bowl filled with sand, making a perfect addition for a coffee table. If you didn’t bring home any finds from the beach, you could embrace a coastal theme instead. Adopt a colour scheme incorporating whites, blues and neutral sandy shades. Furniture made from natural materials like wood and wicker also help create the ambience and atmosphere of a beautiful beach.


  1. Smell the scents of summer

Your sense of smell is very closely linked to your memory so catching a whiff of an aroma can instantly transport you back to a moment or feeling. Choose a scented candle, air freshener or home fragrance which reminds you of your holiday. It might be an aroma inspired by the ocean or beaches or it might be based on a flower which makes you think of the place you visited. Alternatively, you could buy a tropical houseplant or palm tree to brighten up your living room.


  1. Remember your holiday highlights

The simplest (and cheapest) way of keeping your holiday memories alive is to spend time chatting about the places you’ve seen and sharing your stories with family and friends. Have a night in, relax on the sofa and enjoy some holiday-inspired snacks, nibbles and drinks – whether it is a bottle of wine, a jug of sangria or a favourite cocktail. You could even start thinking about your next trip away.