Best family games to enjoy during lockdown

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Playing games with your family is a great way to pass the time and have fun during lockdown.

With cinemas, theatres, leisure facilities and visitor attractions shut for the foreseeable future to slow the spread of COVID 19, it can feel like a challenge to keep boredom at bay. But playing a game with your loved ones, either in person if they’re in the same household or over video conferencing apps like Zoom, can lift your spirits and provide a welcome distraction.

Here’s our list of the best games to play during lockdown:

  1. Monopoly

With the aim of making as much money as possible by buying up streets and building homes and hotels, Monopoly is a classic game which has been causing family arguments since 1935. With so many different versions on the market, including Junior options, chances are you’ll have at least one lurking somewhere in your cupboards. Monopoly can take a long time to play, especially if there are a few players so it’s perfect if you’re looking for a way to pass an evening or afternoon. It’s also a highly effective way of discovering just how ruthless your loved ones really are.


  1. Connect4

Simple but addictive, Connect4 is a much-loved two-player game which builds on the success of noughts and crosses. A fantastic option if you want a quick game without having to spend time setting up or reading instructions. And as each game only lasts a few minutes, you could even play a tournament. Ideal for small households and easy enough to play over a video call so long as the person with the game can be trusted to put their opponent’s pieces in the right place.


  1. Charades

If you don’t already have a pile of board games, there’s no need to miss out on the fun. Charades works with both small and large household groups and all you need is your hands and a bit of imagination. This traditional parlour game may be typically associated with Christmas get-togethers but it can be enjoyed all year round. And if you’re struggling for inspiration, this Charades idea generator will help keep the game flowing.


  1. Pictionary

Many homes will already have this game tucked away in a cupboard but don’t worry if you don’t. All you need is some paper and a pen or pencil and you’re good to go. Play one-on-one or in teams and use a timer to make sure the person drawing only has 60 seconds to create their artistic masterpieces. If you don’t have Pictionary cards then use a random word generator and get drawing.


  1. Cluedo

Classic games are classics for a reason and the murder mystery board game has been entertaining armchair detectives since 1943. Create your own version of Midsomer Murders from the comfort of your own living room and test out your sleuthing skills. The only downside with Cluedo is you need at least three players but if you have enough people, you’ll soon be wandering around the mansion accusing each other of attacking people with candlesticks in the library.


  1. Colour Brain: The Disney Edition

If you’re looking to add a new board game to your collection, this Disney version of Colour Brain is taking lockdown Britain by storm. Using a range of colour cards, players answer questions about various Disney characters. Do you know what colour Scar’s mane is in The Lion King or the shade of Olaf’s buttons in Frozen? This is one game where the children might just have the advantage over the adults and the first team to score 10 points wins.