Busting the myths about leather furniture

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Are you thinking of investing in a leather sofa or armchair?

Leather is comfortable, durable and practical and looks fantastic in your home. However, there are a number of common misconceptions about leather which might be holding you back from picking out the sofa of your dreams.

Here we dispel some of the myths you might have heard about leather furniture:

Myth 1: Leather isn’t a good choice for seasonal changes

One of the things that sometimes puts people off buying leather sofas is the false belief that they get hot and sticky during the summer months. This is simply not the case – genuine leather sofas and armchairs adapt to the temperature they are in and are perfect for all seasons. The reason leather doesn’t get too hot is because it is a porous material which breathes. It is able to expel moisture into vapour, avoiding that unpleasant sweaty feeling when the weather is warm. Imitation leather does not have the same breathability as the genuine article so it is always worth paying more for the real thing. Leather is also able to adapt to the temperature of your body within seconds so it warms up quickly in the winter.


Myth 2: Leather isn’t hardy enough for all the family

Some people would love a leather sofa but mistakenly believe it would get ruined by young children or pets. In contrast, leather is an ideal choice for families with boisterous toddlers or animals. All the leathers used by La-Z-Boy are extremely durable and simple to maintain. Leather has more natural elasticity than most fabrics so it will keep its normal shape well. It also generally looks better with age and can withstand a few knocks and scratches without its appearance being affected. Another plus point for leather is that it is easy to clean and does not absorb smells from pets.


Myth 3: Leather fades faster than fabric

You may have concerns about the colour of your leather furniture fading over time. In reality, all upholstered furniture will eventually fade, especially if items are exposed to long periods of direct sunlight. However, this fading is actually much slower in leather pieces than fabric ones. La-Z-Boy use advanced dyeing processes which minimise colour fading. However, it is always a good idea to avoid any sofas or armchairs being exposed to too much sun. This could mean using curtains or blinds to cut down on the direct sunlight coming into your home or if you prefer, you can apply film to your windows which will drastically reduce the amount of UV light coming through the glass.


Myth 4: Maintaining leather is hard work

You might think that looking after a leather sofa or armchair will be a lot of effort, but that really isn’t the case. Leather is a long lasting material and only needs a bit of tender loving care to keep it looking its best. Try to get into a habit of dusting your leather furniture regularly with a dry cloth. Vacuum the crevices to get rid of any crumbs and dirt and wipe up spills as quickly as possible. If you need to use a damp cloth to clean off any marks, make sure you dry the area immediately. Don’t use ordinary cleaning products as these may well not be suitable for leather. La-Z-Boy UK sells specialist leather care kits to help you look after your furniture properly.