Buying your first sofa

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When first moving home or buying your first place together as a couple, it’s likely the sofa you move in with will be picked up second hand, or you’ll have taken on an unwanted suite from a friend or family member.

This is completely understandable, given that you’ll want to make sure the sofa your invest in long-term suits your home and will be fit for purpose if you move or redecorate.

Soon will come the exciting time of making your first new sofa purchase, and there’s plenty to consider before placing your order!


  1. Balance your budget

It’s sensible to have a budget in mind for your purchase, but make sure you consider the value you’re getting.  A sofa or suite is a major investment for your home and you need to be sure it will serve you well.  It may be better to identify your ideal sofa first and, if it’s over-budget, then look at whether it’s possible to afford the difference.  For example, could you save up by forsaking a weekly takeaway?

An alternative would be to start off small and work your way up.  If you live alone then a high quality armchair or two seater sofa could be the best way to start furnishing your home rather than buying a full suite in one go.

  1. Look at the bigger picture

What meets your needs now may not be practical in a few years’ time.  Think about where you plan to be – will you upsize or downsize?  And who you’ll be with – is it possible you’ll move in with a partner, have children or get pets?  If the answer to any of those questions is ‘yes’ then make sure you consider this in your purchase. 

For example, if you’re moving home then separate pieces may be more flexible than buying a corner unit.  If you’re planning on little ones or animals living in your home, then practicality is important, in both colour and upholstery.

  1. Don’t be dazzled by deals

It’s a great idea to try out your sofa before you buy, but if you’re shopping in stores it can be easy to be distracted by special offers on models you hadn’t previously considered.  Finding a bargain can be irresistible, but make sure what you are buying still fits your needs.  If it does then fantastic!  What you save can go towards other things you need for your home.  But if you compromise on what you had in mind without taking the time to think through your purchase, there may be elements you regret down the line.  Enjoy the shopping process and take your time.  Remember you’ll be living with your sofa for years to come!