Creating a den space in your kitchen diner

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Many of us live hectic family lives, and all of us need a bit of ‘me time’. But that’s not so easy to do if you don’t feel you’ve got a space of your own.

On an evening, living rooms can become the dwelling of the soap-lovers, and kitchens or conservatories can be invaded by the home-workers or the school homeworkers. So without retiring to your bedroom or a soak in the bath, you could easily find you’re left without a space to call your own.

But there is another way. Kitchens and kitchen diners could house a small den space in your home, perfect for escaping the pressures of the day and enjoying a little time to yourself. Here’s how…

Shake up your space

To begin with, think about how you can increase the space in your current kitchen diner area. Can you rearrange or reconfigure furniture?

Or if you have a breakfast bar area, could you live without it? Changes like this can free up room to move some of your furniture around, offering a bit more breathing space for your den.

Create a contrast

Introducing a different colour scheme is key to giving your den its own identity, defining your ‘territory’ as being separate to the kitchen or dining space.

The best way to do this is to create a clear contrast between the two. If your kitchen is light and airy, think dark and warm. If the kitchen uses black, dark marble and granite, lighter shades are best.

Look at lighting

The same goes for lighting. If you have two or more light fittings in your kitchen diner space, consider contrasting fittings and bulbs. In the dining space you could use a ‘centrepiece’ fitting using brighter, white bulbs, with softer shades used to light a more confined space above your den. If you have only one main light fitting serving the whole room, a lamp in your den could have the same effect.

Electrical points

Electrical points are essentials.  If you don’t already have electrical points in that part of your room, running an extension cable is the easiest way around this providing it is safe and looks tidy. If not, having extra electrical points fitted can be cheaper and easier than you may imagine.

Wall fixings and storage

If you’re creating your little bolt hole in a cubby hole, you need to make best use of the space you have. If you want a TV or games console in your den, maybe only a small TV stand is required. But many items such as TVs can be fixed to walls, or perhaps you could invest in neat and tidy shelving options that keep clutter off the floor and furniture.

Furnishings that feel different

When furnishing a den space, you need items which make a statement that this area is not part of the kitchen dining space but is also warm and inviting.

If you have hardwood, tiled on laminate floors in your kitchen diner, a nice contrasting rug may be all that’s required for your floor.

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