Do you need a new sofa? Four tell-tale signs to look out for

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Buying a sofa is a big investment and one most of us don’t take lightly.

But how can you tell that your current sofa needs replacing? And when should you start having a look at newer models?

  1. You always cover it with a throw

Your sofa has been well-loved but it no longer matches the colour scheme in your living room so you usually resort to hiding it away under a throw. The upholstery may be faded or stained and you find yourself trying to divert people’s attention away from it when they visit your home. With so many different styles, colours and options out there, it really is worth shopping around for a sofa you will be proud to show off to your friends.


  1. It creaks when you sit down

Most sofas will easily last 10 years and some makes and models will have a much longer lifespan. But if your sofa creaks when you sit down or move about, this could well be a sign that the frame is weakening. This is more likely to happen with furniture which was bought on a tight budget as the frame will probably be made from cheaper materials which have started to break down. When you start the search for another sofa, look out for durable, good quality materials and warranties for peace of mind. For example, La-Z-Boy’s sofas all come with a 10 year limited warranty so you can rest easy that you will be able to enjoy many years of relaxation.


  1. You find yourself sinking as you sit

We all love a comfortable sofa but sometimes it can feel as though we are being swallowed up. If you feel like you are sinking every time you sit down on your settee, chances are your upholstery is in need of attention. As cushions become older, they can lose their firmness as the fibres inside flatten out over time. Alternatively, the frame or springs in your sofa may simply have become worn out. You may well find that the areas of the sofa which are most-used are also the most prone to sagging. When your cushions start to lose their elasticity and sag in the middle, your sofa can actually become uncomfortable to sit on and may even cause you to develop back pain. Head to a furniture showroom and test out some new models and you’ll remember what sitting on a supportive sofa is meant to feel like.


  1. It doesn’t really fit in the space

This is a common problem when you have moved into another property and brought your sofa with you or you’ve been given one second-hand by someone else. The sofa may be too large and overpowering for your living room or if you have moved somewhere much bigger, you may find it gets a bit lost in the new space. Investing in a sofa which is the perfect size for your living area and suits the style of the room will help you feel more at home in your property.

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