Find the best way to fragrance your living room

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Filling your home with delicious scents can improve your mood, reduce your stress levels and make it more inviting to visitors.

This week is aromatherapy awareness week, which aims to celebrate the benefits of aromatherapy on our emotional and physical wellbeing. But what is the best way to add fragrances to your living room?

Scented candles

Pros: Candles don’t just add aromas to your home, they create an atmosphere too. Scented candles can be attractive accessories and a soft and gentle source of light, a great alternative to harsh lighting, especially in the evening. Candlelight is good for focus and relaxation and people often enjoy watching flickering flames as they unwind. There are scented candles to suit any budget, although if you are opting for a cheaper variety then check the ingredients and aroma before buying.

Cons: The biggest disadvantage of using scented candles is the potential fire risk. Never leave your candles unattended and think carefully about where you put them. Avoid anywhere where they could be easily knocked over and don’t place them near your curtains or anything flammable. Make sure they’re well away from children and pets, too.  Some candles, especially paraffin-based ones, can contain toxins and will release chemicals into the air, which could have a negative impact on your health and potentially trigger migraines or asthma attacks. To avoid toxins, choose soy-based or beeswax candles instead.

Reed diffusers

Pros: Reed diffusers release fragrance all day long so you don’t need to actively think about using them like you do with scented candles. Once you have got your reed diffuser, you can enjoy a continuous aroma until they run out and they can be placed anywhere in the home as there is no flame to worry about. Reed diffusers can last up to six months so don’t need to be replaced often and you can buy oil refills, which are usually cheaper than buying a new diffuser.

Cons: Reed diffusers can be expensive initially so may not suit every budget. Although you can refill the oil, you cannot use a different scent with the reeds so if you want to fill your home with a different aroma, you will need to buy a completely new diffuser. This may not suit people who like to switch between different smells, depending on their mood or the time of day. As the aroma from a diffuser is continuous, you cannot switch it on and off and it may be more subtle than alternatives like scented candles.

Wax melts

Pros: You will get the aroma of a scented candle but without the potential fire risk of having an open flame in your home. They are convenient as you don’t need to have a lighter or matches and they produce less air pollution than a burning candle. Wax melts tend to be cheaper than candles so once you have bought the warmer, you may find them more affordable.

Cons: Be careful where you put your warmer as if it gets knocked over, you will end up with melted wax everywhere which can be very difficult to get out of carpets or furniture. To use wax melts, you will have to invest in an electric or battery-operated warmed first. The smell from wax melts also tends to not be as strong for as long as scented candles.