Five reasons to consider a corner sofa

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Choosing a corner sofa for your living space can not only transform the look and feel of a room, it can transform your day to day life.

But often we can become fixed in a mindset of sticking with a traditional three piece suite.  If you’ve never owned a corner sofa, here are five reasons why it could be the perfect option for you!


  1. Easy to entertain

The shape of a corner sofa makes it a naturally sociable seating option.  Families can gather together and when you have visitors over there’s plenty of room to chat comfortably in the L-shaped design.


  1. Best of both worlds

In many living rooms the television is the focal point for a seating layout – but what about the view from your window or the art or photos on your wall?  With a corner sofa you can choose your perfect location to relax with a movie or to gaze outside while enjoying some you-time.


  1. Segmenting space

A corner sofa is a useful device to create zones within your living space.  This can be really handy if you have a large or long living room as it can create a cosy sitting area and you can easily add a side table or piece of furniture alongside the side of the L-shaped seat.


  1. Freedom and flexibility

With a corner sofa you can choose your perfect layout.  La-Z-Boy UK has a wide range of corner groups so you can pick your ideal style, from traditional comfort to modern design.  Then decide on the configuration of how many seats you’d like on each side.  This will depend on how you’ll be using your sofa.

You can also choose from power recline, manual recline and static options, plus you have the full range of La-Z-Boy leather and fabric cover options to decide from.


  1. Avoiding arguments!

If you choose a reclining corner sofa, there doesn’t need to be family tussles about who gets to put their feet up.  With our new Everett range, in stores soon, you can choose a recline option on any full seat for your ultimate comfort.