Five small ways to make a big change in 2018

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Happy New Year to you! And if, like many of us, you may be feeling inspired to make a New Year’s resolution, the big question is… what?

Maybe you don’t want to go for the obvious, like getting fitter, losing weight, cutting down the booze or even quitting smoking. Or then again, maybe you don’t want to commit to any of the cliched resolutions and have to worry about falling back into the old groove. Hey, we’re not here to judge! However, there are much smaller-scale options which could actually make a big difference to you and your lifestyle.

Here are a few little ideas designed to inspire you.


More Me Time

Maybe you feel you live life at 100mph, and the Christmas ‘break’ was both a blur and a distant memory. And now it’s back to the grind, so chances are you even feel more tired than you did before the festive season.

Sound familiar? If that’s the case, making some more ‘me time’ should be your priority. Don’t feel guilty about taking time to focus on your own wellbeing.  Evenings after work could revolve around a simple supper, a rejuvenating walk or jog, a long soak in the bath and lounging in your lounge (for this purpose, don’t think of it as a living room!)

The little jobs that can wait until the weekend can do just that. Make more time for yourself to unwind, clear your head and concentrate on the positive things that you’ve achieved during the day. This will help relieve any stresses and in turn re-invigorate you for the week ahead.


Making Time for Family

Don’t worry – this isn’t meant as a direct contradiction to the first idea!

Now it’s back to work and school, amid the dark and cold of winter nights there is every chance that each member of your household retreats into their own little den. The kids hide away in their bedrooms and the lounge and kitchen are inhabited by the grown-ups.

But this time of year provides the perfect opportunity to come together. Why not settle down in the living room in front of a family film? Or better yet, dig out the board games and enjoy the time in each other’s company.  They’re not just for Christmas Day!  Family time like this builds better bonds between you all, so you feel less like strangers during the mad morning rush.


Become better-read

Whether you spend your days in front a of screen, constantly on your feet, or rushing from one place to another, one of the best ways to relax and escape is with a good book (or an e-reader, for that matter).

Reading goes beyond creating more ‘me time’ - it can be a specific commitment to read more often, or to read in order to relax and escape, or even to broaden your horizons by reading about a subject which is new to you, or particular periods of history, for example.

A good book can be the perfect accompaniment to a warm evening relaxed on your sofa or in your favourite chair. The only risk is you become so comfortable you could very well find yourself waking up there too!


Do more of what you love

Do you have a favourite pastime or hobby which you’ve been neglecting? It could be anything from playing a musical instrument or researching your family tree through to knitting, sewing, jigsaws, arts and crafts – practically anything.

This time of year is perfect for reconnecting with the activities you enjoy.  The sense of accomplishment from brushing up and improving your skills giving you a spring in your step and a real boost to your wellbeing.

What’s more, chances are you can enjoy these activities from the comfort of your living room, enjoying your own space without disturbing others – unless you’re learning the drums, that is!


Embrace something new

Similar to the last point, maybe you’ve been considering trying something new, or taking up a new hobby? Again, the New Year is the perfect time to make that start.

The long evenings can provide the opportunity to learn a skill without feeling that you’re missing out on the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, and like picking up an old pastime it can also provide you with a sense of achievement.

You never know, you may land upon a new pastime which stays with you for the rest of your life and you’ll share with other family members, or maybe even future generations.


We hope our ideas have given you plenty of food for thought with some little changes that can make a real difference to your outlook in 2018.