Four things to think about when redesigning your living room

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After weeks of lockdown, furniture stores are starting to reopen their doors making life easier for anyone planning a home makeover.

Restrictions on going out probably mean you have been spending much more time in your living room than usual. Has it been a relaxing oasis of calm where you can escape the stresses of the outside world or have you realised there is still room for improvement?

Now is the ideal time to think about redesigning your living space so it is somewhere you’re happy to spend time in. Here are La-Z-Boy’s top four tips on transforming your living room into a haven you’ll want to rush back to.

  1. Comfort is key

When it comes to your living space, comfort is king. When you are choosing an armchair, sofa or recliner, make sure it is somewhere you can really sit back and relax. Check out upholstery options so you can choose a material which is soft, tactile and feels great to sit on. If you are able to visit a furniture showroom, ask to sit on a model you are interested in before ordering.  If you can’t visit a showroom, pay close attention to the dimensions of the product that interests you.  Is the seat height and back height right for you? Often, people make the mistake of choosing a sofa or three piece suite based purely on appearance, which can leave them with something that looks great but is difficult to sit on for more than a few minutes without shifting positions or reaching for more cushions. The great news is that La-Z-Boy UK has a great range of products which combine luxury and relaxation with stylish design so you can have the best of both worlds. Including a sofa or a chair with a recline function in your living space will mean you always have somewhere you can really kick back and unwind in at the end of a stressful day.


  1. Think about your space

When you’re redesigning your living space, you can rip up the rulebooks. Consider how you would like to use the room and what its main purposes are. Do you eat most of your meals in your living room? Do you often spend time working in this space? Think about how you spend your time so you can plan a space which fits your lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to completely rearrange the furniture you want to keep or, if you have the budget, start again from scratch.


  1. Do your research online

Shops may be opening again but social distancing may mean you have to queue to enter stores. Speed up the process and reduce the amount of time you spend away from home by doing your window shopping online first. Work out what you are looking for and which styles and colours you like and draw up a shortlist of products you are interested in. This means you can use your time more wisely by only looking at options which may actually work in your home.


  1. Change doesn’t have to be expensive

If your budget won’t stretch to a full makeover or a new investment piece like a sofa, this doesn’t mean you can’t change your space. Rearranging your furniture or adding low cost accent pieces to change the theme or colour scheme means you can achieve a new look without breaking the bank. For example, a new rug can completely change the look of a room at a fraction of the price of replacing the flooring or carpet. Reorganising your space costs nothing at all but can make a big impact. Pull all your furniture away from the walls as this will make your space seem more intimate. Make sure there is a clear path through the room and space to get around any furniture and arrange chairs so it is easy for people to have conversations with each other.