Hazel sofa has starring role on popular TV show

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A stunning La-Z-Boy sofa and armchair had a starring role in a home improvement TV show.

Sarah Beeny’s Renovate Don’t Relocate on HGTV featured a dark grey Hazel three-seater sofa and armchair in power recline, which played a key part in a living room makeover. Couple Catherine and Steve Goode had called in the TV show to help them reclaim their home after the birth of their twins, Thomas and Hannah.

Their living room had become overrun with baby equipment and toys and they were only using a small corner of their room, with the rest being mainly used for storage. But after property guru Sarah came to their home and offered her advice, they transformed the space, giving it a stylish new look.

During the TV series, Sarah puts cameras into people’s homes so she can understand exactly how they are using them and then offer suggestions on how the layout could be changed to become more practical and attractive.

Buying a new sofa and armchair was a key part of Catherine and Steve’s living room overhaul and they positioned the furniture in a different place to free up more space and make better use of the whole room.

Catherine says: “The sofa is a great size and we can fit all four of us on it, which is really lovely. Then when the twins go to bed, we can kick our feet up and relax.

“The chair gives us the extra space for when we have a visitor and it looks great as it's the same style as the sofa.”

During the show, viewers see Sarah, Catherine and Steve sitting on the new sofa and chair as they talk about how much the changes have improved the property. Sarah compliments the new seating arrangement, describing the sofa, which has fabric upholstery in a grey shade – Rouen Slate –  as “lovely”. 

The family chose a La-Z-Boy product as they wanted a sofa which looked great and fitted the style and colour scheme of their living room but also doubled up as a recliner. The large size means they will be able to enjoy it for years to come as it will still be big enough for the four of them when the twins get older.

The Hazel range is available exclusively from Next and combines clean lines with a casual design and stylish tapered wood legs. At first glance, the Hazel sofa or armchair are not obviously recliners but the subtle side-mounted button controls the power recline feature and raises the leg rest.

They also have in-built USB ports so you can charge your phone or tablet as you relax.