How technology has changed how your living room looks

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The layout of your living room has never been more flexible and it’s all thanks to advances in technology.

Wireless technology, flat screen televisions and streaming services have given us more space and freedom to do what we want with our living rooms.

In the 1930s and 1940s, the idea of the traditional living room – or you might say lounge or sitting room depending on where you live – began to emerge. A three piece suite would usually be arranged around a focal point – originally this would have been the fireplace but then families would gather around their radios for entertainment.

Radios used to be large bulky pieces of equipment, often displayed on a table or cabinet. In the 1950s, these started to give way to even more cumbersome television sets.

Today, televisions are slim, flat screen affairs which take up less space in the home. In fact, with many people choosing to wall mount their televisions, the concept of the TV cabinet or table could soon become a thing of the past.

It is also possible that in the future, the television set itself could be consigned to the history books. Manufacturers like Sony are busy developing projectors, which might do away with the need for monitors and see people turning blank walls into giant screens to watch their favourite shows and films.

Streaming removes demand for storage

The rising popularity of streaming services, digital downloads and ebooks means fewer people will need shelves, cupboards or storage units in their living rooms as they won’t have mountains of CDs, DVDs and books to find a home for.

Wireless technology and portable devices like tablets, smartphones and laptops allow people to use the space in their home differently. Instead of being restricted to working on a desk near a plug socket, more people are able to use their living rooms as a flexible workspace as well as somewhere to relax.

However, one living room fixture that remains as popular now as ever is the sofa. But more people are choosing to create large multifunctional areas in their home which may act as a kitchen, dining room and home office as well as a living room.

This move towards open plan living has seen corner sofas becoming more commonplace as they are ideal for these kind of spaces and allow you to create a relaxation zone within a larger area.

Consumers are also looking for furniture that fits in well with the technology they have in their homes. Some of La-Z-Boy’s power recliners come with USB charging points so you can give your devices a boost while you unwind.


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