How to add sparkle to your living room

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Introducing more sparkle and glamour to your living room is simple and you won’t need to completely redecorate.

Here are five ways you can add more glitz without going too OTT…unless you want to of course!

  1. All that glitters

Glitter paint is a hot trend for 2019 with Homebase stocking a new exclusive range by Rust-Oleum. With three metallic shades - silver, gold and rose – to choose from, this is a great way of creating an eye-catching feature. Glitter paint is ideal for statement walls or a focal point like a chimney breast. Alternatively, you could give a tired coffee table or sideboard a new lease of life with some glitter spray paint. If you have any tiling or you are planning to create a mosaic feature in your living room, you can also buy glitter grout from UK firm Staffordshire Silicones.


  1. Crystal clear

One simple way to bring more luxury lustre into your living room is adding some crystal accessories. Chandeliers or other crystal light fittings are a classic way to embrace this trend but there are plenty of other options to choose from including ornaments, vases, candle holders, picture frames and bowls. One thing to remember if you do buy crystal is that it will only shine and sparkle if you keep it clean so factor in a bit of extra dusting time to your normal housework routine.


  1. Magnificent metallics

Metallic furniture or accessories are a stylish way of adding sparkle to your room. You could stick to one metallic shade or mix and match by teaming shimmering silver with gold or brass. If you really want the wow factor, you could even add silver or gold leaf to your ceiling or a statement wall. Adding actual gold or silver leaf can be a laborious process if you decide to do it yourself but you can make the job simpler by going for a metallic gilding paint which looks similar to the real thing.


  1. Shimmering sequins

Add some sequinned cushions or throws to your sofas and armchairs to give them some sparkle. For a more dramatic look, go for a sequinned wall partition or curtains. Liven up some dull accessories by adding your own sequins using a glue gun. Alternatively, you could add rhinestones instead.


  1. Mirror, mirror on the wall

A really effective way of bringing more light and sparkle into your living room is to hang plenty of mirrors on your walls. Go for a mirrored wall or extra-large mirror or create your own feature by covering a wall or alcove with mirrors in lots of different shapes and sizes. Mirrored accessories like vases, candle holders or bowls can also produce a striking effect.