How to choose the right artwork to liven up your living room

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Artwork is the perfect way to complete your living room and make it look more stylish and inviting.

But choosing the right piece for the space can seem intimidating and many people struggle to know where to start. At La-Z-Boy, we love seeing our sofas and armchairs complemented by beautiful wall hangings, artwork and photographs.

Here are our top tips for choosing the right artwork for your living room:


Choose something you like

The most important thing to remember is to only buy a piece of art if you actually like it. When you go shopping for art, think about how it makes you feel before you make a purchase. Try to go for something which lifts your mood, makes you smile or helps you feel calm. It’s your home so make sure whatever you choose reflects your personal taste, rather than what might be hot on Pinterest.

Size does matter

Work out where you want your artwork to go and measure the space so you have an idea of what size will work the best. If you get something too big, it could overwhelm the room but if it is too small, it could end up looking a bit lost. If you are planning to buy several pieces of artwork for your living room, choose the biggest piece first and then work down in size. The small finishing touches should be added last if possible. If you want to put small pieces in a big space, group them together but make sure they suit each other. Small pictures are often sold in groups or you could pick several things from the same artist which complement each other. To get an idea of what size you should go for, measure your sofa. As a general rule, pictures should not be more than two-thirds longer than your sofa. If you are planning to pick a photograph, make sure you have the space to put it at least 15 cm above any furniture.

Work out your sense of style

Choose artwork which fits in with the style of your living room. Look at the furniture and ornaments you have and work out if there is a theme. Bright, bold living rooms are more likely to suit abstract pieces of modern art. Retro signs will help tie in with vintage furniture. If you have lots of antiques, you may want to go for quite a traditional painting with an ornate frame. Try to pick something which doesn’t clash with the things you already have in your living room unless you are planning a complete makeover. If you are starting from scratch, choose a particular look you like and have that in mind every time you buy something.


Think about colour

Choose artwork which includes colours which are already part of your living room. If you are introducing a large piece of wall art, it is a good idea to go for something with a background colour which is the same as your walls. Alternatively, go for shades which complement each other and are part of the same colour palette. If you are really not sure when it comes to colour, you can’t go wrong with black and white as it goes with everything. If you want something which is neon or uses very bright colours, make sure it is going to be hung on a neutral background. If you do introduce a completely new colour, buy a couple more pieces with the colour and place them throughout the room so it becomes part of the theme.