How to create a 1950s look in your living room

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It might be 2019 but creating a 1950s look in your living room is the top interior trend of the year, according to Google.

The most recent Google home trends report found that there had been a 5,000 per cent increase in the number of people putting the term ‘1950s living room’ into the search engine from the same period last year.

With households starting to recover from the deprivation and rationing experienced during the First and Second World Wars, the 1950s was a key period in people starting to think about style, comfort and convenience when it came to home furnishings. And many looks which originate from this era remain popular today and are now viewed as timeless classics.

But how can you introduce some 1950s style into your own living room?

Bold colours

During the Second World War, the focus was on practicality and households got used to making do with what they had. The 1950s saw consumers starting to reject drab designs and embrace bold colours like red, orange, green, turquoise and yellow or bubblegum pastels. Sofas and armchairs in bright colours are a simple way of creating an impact in your living room. La-Z-Boy creates chairs and sofas in a wide variety of colours and textures. Our Inspiration fabrics in shiraz, burnt orange, avocado or gold would look perfect in a 1950s-themed living room as would our mustard, tango or blaze Mezzo leathers. Complement plain bold colours with cushions with retro geometric patterns.

Sleek wood furniture

Go for clean, simple pieces of wooden furniture with sleek lines. Furniture of this era was functional and unfussy – look to legendary furniture designer Charles Eames for inspiration. An easy way to introduce some 1950s style is to add a wooden coffee table, a sideboard or some modular shelving which reflect the era. Look for chic, modern and minimalist laminated plywood pieces with tapered legs or search for some genuine vintage pieces or reproductions to give your makeover an authentic feel.

Statement lamps

In the 1950s, lamps started to move away from just being a way to light up a dingy corner and became all about making a serious style statement. Choose a distinctive design or unusual shape and don’t be afraid to be bold in your choice. Table lamps were popular in this era as well as tall standard lamps.

Natural materials

When decorating your living room in a 1950s style, go for natural materials like wood, ceramic, linen and felt. Simple ceramic vases, felt cushions and linen throws are an affordable way of creating the look without having to spend a fortune on a complete makeover.