How to decorate your living room for Easter

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Get in the mood for Easter by giving your living room a seasonal makeover.

Whether you are planning to get together with family and friends this Easter or simply want to get into the spirit as you relax at home, there is plenty of choice when it comes to decorations.

  1. Go crackers for eggs

Eggs are probably the most obvious theme when it comes to Easter decorations but that doesn’t make it any less effective. Create simple centrepieces for your living room by filling bowls, vases, teacups or kilner jars with colourful eggs. You could use pastel sugar-coated chocolate eggs or foil wrapped Easter eggs in different colours to make a striking display which you can enjoy eating later. If you prefer your decorations to be of the non-food variety, you could use painted eggs instead. Another option for a simple Easter centrepiece is to display eggs on a cake stand along with other Easter-themed objects like spring flowers and blossoms, rabbits and chicks.


  1. Embrace flower power

Easter is the perfect time to welcome spring into your house (if you haven’t already). Add lots of fresh flowers to your living room to give it the wow factor. Branches of white or pink blossom in a simple vase look fantastic on a coffee table, windowsill or mantelpiece. Daffodils or tulips are great for a splash of colour but if you prefer a more monochrome palette, you could opt for snowdrops instead. If you are feeling crafty, you could make your own Easter garland or wreath by twisting seasonal flowers, ferns and leaves around florist’s wire.


  1. Deck the tree

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a tree but have you put up your Easter tree yet? Easter trees are growing in popularity in the UK with more and more people decorating plain branches with colourful eggs, feathers and decorations. As with Christmas trees, The Ostereierbaum is a German tradition going back centuries. You can choose to decorate cut branches, buy a plain reusable tree from a retailer or go to a florist for a contorted willow. There is a wide range of Easter decorations on the market now or you could have a go at making your own. One really impressive (and easy) way of decorating an Easter tree is to stick jellybeans in a wide variety of colours on the branches so they look like budding flowers.


  1. Stay subtle with accessories

If you don’t want to go all-out with your Easter decorations, you could still nod to the holiday with some subtle accent pieces. Add some cushions or a throw with a rabbit, lamb or chick motif to your sofa and armchairs. Swap any dark colours for something bright and springlike – think yellows, pinks and blues. You could also put out a few ornaments which follow the Easter theme without it becoming overwhelming.