How to feng shui your living room

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Have you ever wondered if you are using the space in your living room wisely?

The ancient Chinese philosophy of feng shui involves arranging your living space to create balance with the natural world. Those who practice it believe it helps create harmony and a flow of positive energy in the home.

The phrase feng shui comes from the Chinese words for wind, ‘feng’ and water, ‘shui’. Both wind and water are believed to have an invisible flowing energy.

For many people, their living room is one of the most important parts of the home. It is where they go to relax and unwind, so how can you make sure it is filled with positive energy?

  1. Clear the space

When you hear the phrase ‘clear the space’, you probably think of tidying up and decluttering. While this is always a good thing to do as clutter and mess can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed, space clearing in feng shui is actually more about getting rid of the room’s existing energy. There are a few different traditional techniques you can use, depending on what you feel most comfortable doing. Alternatively, you might prefer to use an essential oil diffuser or spray. You can also clear space by ringing bells. Get hold of some Tibetan metal bells or a singing bowl and ring them either in the centre of the room or while walking around the perimeter.


  1. Let the fresh air in

Open up all your living room windows and let the fresh air in for at least nine minutes. The idea behind this is to allow all the stagnant and negative energy out of your home so it can be replaced by something more positive. Take the opportunity to clean your windows too with a vinegar and water solution or a non-toxic glass cleaning product.


  1. Embrace the elements

The five Taoist elements  - earth, metal, water, wood and fire – are an important part of feng shui. To make sure your living room is a balanced space, include something from all five elements in the area. This doesn’t have to be literal, the elements are also represented by colours and shapes which could be incorporated into your living room. This could include the colour of your sofa or which ornaments and accessories you put on display. In feng shui, earth is represented by browns, yellows and oranges, as well as flat, square shapes. Metal can be represented by metallic objects, white and grey colours and round shapes. For water, you could either add a water feature to your living room, include something in black or navy blue or add furniture or accessories with curvy lines. If you don’t have any actual wood in your living room, you could opt for blue or green colours or rectangular shapes. The final element, fire, is represented by reds and triangles.


  1. Choose colours you’re attracted to

Colour can make a major difference to your living space and those who practice feng shui believe colour has a crucial role to play. Go for colours that you are attracted to and listen to your instincts. Avoid any colours you have doubts about. If you’re not sure which shades you are drawn to, think about the kind of energy you want your living room to have. Greens and blues represent healing, growth and fresh starts, while purples are linked to self-esteem and wealth. Earthy hues like yellows, oranges and browns are grounding and supportive and white symbolises purity. If you love to travel, you may want to go for a grey colour scheme. Dark blue is thought to represent self-knowledge and understanding, whereas red is used to invite health and good luck into the home. If you are looking to foster positive relationships and love, you may want to add some pink shades to your living room.


  1. Arrange the furniture with conversations in mind

One of the top feng shui tips is to arrange your furniture so you can have good conversations. This means your sofas and armchairs should face each other rather than simply being pointed at the television. It is also important to make sure you have enough seating for everyone in the house so each person has a comfortable space where they can relax.


  1. Add lots of greenery

One simple way to bring positive energy into your living room is to add lots of greenery. By bringing houseplants or small trees into the space, you are welcoming life energy – just remember to give them enough water and sunlight to survive.

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