How to make your home inviting

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Our home is our safe haven but how do you make it more inviting for guests?  

Planning a get together can involve a lot of effort, but make sure you don't forget the basics so your visitors feel as welcome in your home as you do.

  1. Pay attention to your entrance

We all know that first impressions matter and this is also true when it comes to our home. Put some thought into how your property looks from the outside – is the front garden tidy? Is your front door imposing or welcoming? If you are expecting guests in the evening then leave an outside light on and make sure your hallway lights are on too. This will make your home seem warm and inviting and your visitors won’t have to stumble around in the dark.


  1. Keep it simple when it comes to seating

This may sound obvious but think carefully about where you put your sofas and armchairs. It should be immediately obvious to guests how they can easily walk around your home and all seats should be easy to get to. Avoid having any furniture blocking the most logical route through a room and make sure items are not put too close together. This is particularly important if you live in a small property, which can easily seem cramped if you have too many large pieces of furniture. Choose sofas and armchairs which are comfortable to relax on rather than pieces which look good but are difficult to actually sit on. Cushions can increase the comfort factor but beware of having so many that your visitors struggle to fit onto the actual seat.  


  1. Look at your home through fresh eyes

Try your best to look at your property as if you are seeing it for the first time. What are the things you notice? Walk through your home as you would if you were a guest and try and spot problem areas which need to be tackled. One good trick to improve the way your home looks and capture the attention of visitors is to make a statement on the wall furthest away from the front door. This could involve painting it a bright colour, hanging some bold wallpaper or displaying a striking piece of artwork.              


  1. Think about how things smell

If your home smells great, people will want to spend time there. Bake something delicious before guests arrive so your house smells delicious. This also comes with the added bonus that you will have something to offer visitors if they are feeling peckish. Another great way to fill your home with a pleasant aroma is to buy fresh flowers, burn high quality scented candles or chop up some lemons and limes. Make sure you open your doors and windows to let some fresh air in if your home feels a bit stuffy and if there are any unwanted odours, put some white vinegar in a bowl to absorb the smell before anyone comes to visit.