How to support someone without leaving your sofa

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Lots of people are finding things tough right now but it can be difficult to know how to help when everyone is meant to be staying at home.

But while we can’t just pop round to a friend’s house or give them a hug, there are still plenty of things you can do to make someone else’s life easier during lockdown without even having to get off your sofa.

  1. Organise face-to-face chats over Facetime or Zoom

Chatting over the phone or sending someone instant messages, emails or texts are great ways of keeping in touch with someone. But being able to see someone’s face when you are talking to them is an important part of communication and can help you feel more connected. If you can, use video chats to catch up with loved ones on a regular basis. You could watch a film or TV programme together or just enjoy a coffee and a catch-up.


  1. Offer to be a virtual babysitter

If someone you know is overwhelmed by homeschooling and looking after their children without any support, there are ways you can help even though you can’t be there in person. Offering to teach a homeschool lesson, play a game, assist with homework or read a bedtime story over Zoom will help the child and give their parent a break so they can get on with something else.


  1. Order a surprise delivery

Show someone you are thinking about them by ordering a delivery to make them smile. As well as all the usual online retailers, many other businesses are now offering deliveries during lockdown so it’s possible to surprise with anything from an afternoon tea or flowers to a balloon in a box or a jigsaw.


  1. Get in touch with quiet people

If someone you know has gone quiet on social media or you haven’t heard from them in a while, take a moment to get in touch and find out how they are. Let them know you are there and care about them. Even if they have just been busy, they will probably be pleased to hear from you and if they have been feeling lonely and isolated, it could make a big difference to how they feel.


  1. Support a charity

Sometimes we want to help someone but we’re just not sure who needs our support. There are so many charities and good causes which could do with your help at the moment and will make a real difference to people’s lives. Look for a cause which is close to your own heart or perhaps find out about projects in your local area.