Last minute ideas to make Mother’s Day special without leaving the house

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Mother’s Day is traditionally a busy time for pubs and restaurants with people booking special meals to show their mum just how much they appreciate her.

But with official government advice now recommending people avoid eating out or going to the theatre to minimise the spread of COVID 19, many people will be wondering what they can do to still mark the occasion. So how can you show your mum how special she is if you have to stay at home?

  1. Let her put her feet up

If you live with your mum or it is safe to visit her at her home, let her put her feet up and relax while you tackle any jobs that need doing. Bring her a cuppa, let her have complete control of the remote and offer to be at her beck and call while she takes it easy on her La-Z-Boy sofa or recliner. Recreate a restaurant meal or afternoon tea at home and get out the best plates, glasses and tablecloth so you can recreate the eating out experience.


  1. Send a video message

With increased travel restrictions and the need for people to self isolate, it may not be possible to see your mum on Mother’s Day. Rather than just sending a card and a bunch of flowers, make some time for a face-to-face chat with video messaging. Tell her some of the things you love about her and give her your full attention. If you were planning a meal together which has had to be cancelled, you could even have your meal over Skype. It won’t be the same as being together in person but the important thing is to spend time together.


  1. Arrange a delivery

Arrange for something lovely to be sent to your mum, arriving in time for Mother’s Day. It doesn’t have to be just the usual box of chocolates or bunch of flowers, you could put together a care package of little luxuries to make the next few weeks a little easier. Face masks, scented candles, bubble baths and moisturisers could all help her create her own spa experience at home. A package of books, magazines or craft kits could also provide some light relief and escapism for the weeks ahead.


  1. Buy a digital subscription

We’re all going to be spending more time in front of the television over the next few weeks so why not treat your mum to a new digital subscription so she has a bit more choice of what to watch? Options include NowTV, Amazon Prime and Netflix. If your mum is more of a reader, you could buy her a digital subscription for her favourite magazine or newspaper or buy her some new eBooks.