Leather furniture brings award success for six years in a row

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La-Z-Boy UK’s leather furniture has won the hearts of a magazine’s readers for the sixth year in a row. 

Interiors Monthly readers chose to name La-Z-Boy UK the Best Leather Upholstery Manufacturer for 2021 – an award we have won every year for the last six years. This latest award now means we have clocked up the most consecutive wins in this category. 

At La-Z-Boy UK, we are delighted that the readers of Interiors Monthly recognise the care and craftsmanship which goes into making every single piece of our leather furniture. Each item in our ranges is carefully designed for comfort and then lovingly handcrafted so they can be enjoyed by customers for many years. 

Our expert team handpicks the leather hides used to upholster our chairs and sofa, meaning every customer receives an item of furniture which is completely unique to them. Like diamonds, no two hides are exactly the same and each will have its own natural markings and characteristics. 

Mark Draper, managing director for La-Z-Boy UK, said: “We’d like to thank the readers of Interiors Monthly for voting for La-Z-Boy UK to win this category for the sixth in a row. We’re so pleased people can see and appreciate the hard work that goes into developing, designing and creating our leather furniture ranges.” 

For many people, when they think of La-Z-Boy, the main image which pops into their mind will be the leather recliner, famously used by the characters Joey and Chandler in the hit sitcom Friends. But while this iconic piece remains extremely popular, the La-Z-Boy brand is responsible for a varied selection of high quality sofas, corner suites, armchairs and even swivel chairs.  

Many of the pieces on sale do include La-Z-Boy’s legendary recline function, but we have also moved into producing items with a more modern look, including armchairs and sofas with narrower arms and legs and a compact frame. Designed to appeal to fans of retro mid-century style, these 1950s-inspired pieces work well for urban apartment living where space is at a premium.