Moving house with a sofa

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Moving home is known to be a stressful life event, and the thought of damaging your precious furniture or belongings can certainly add to the anxiety.

Sofas, armchairs and suites can be a significant investment and are what anchors the look and feel of your living space, so it’s important to handle them carefully if you need to move them. 

The tips below will help ensure your La-Z-Boy furniture stays in great shape when you make the move to your new place.


  1. Weight a moment

Sofas – particularly recliner models – are heavy.  Handling them incorrectly can cause damage to the sofa, and to you!  Make sure you have at least two strong adults available to move your sofa.  Bend your knees to pick it up and lift it, rather than dragging it which can damage the feet or floor.  With three seater sofas and corner units you may need to take the furniture apart before moving it.  Make sure power models are fully unplugged before moving or dismantling them.


  1. Consult the experts

If you need to take furniture apart, consult the instructions that came with your sofa or chair when you purchased it.  If you no longer have this, you can find some handy videos in our online advice centre, but if you still need advice please contact our customer services team to get the correct information for your product.


  1. Call the professionals

Professional removal crews are experienced in handling furniture and should have the equipment and protective materials available to be able to move it safely.  You may also wish to insure your furniture while it’s in transit with them.  Removals firms will also be able to advise on moving your furniture out of or into rooms where access is tight or restricted.


  1. Protect in transit

Furniture can easily become scratched, scuffed or dirty during a move.  Use cloth or polythene covers to wrap your furniture, which can be purchased online or from your removal company.  You may need to use special protection to cover delicate or protruding features, such as the reclining mechanism or handle.