Play it safe with your recliner

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Keeping children safe in your home is a top priority for many people.

Every year more than two million under-15s are taken to hospital A&E departments after being hurt in an accident at their homes. While the most common cause of injury is falling, it is a good idea to look around your whole home to identify anything which could pose a potential danger to a toddler or child.

Getting a new La-Z-Boy recliner is an exciting time for both adults and children. But while they are a great addition to any home, it is important to supervise your children around your recliner to minimise the risk of any accidents.

This week is Child Safety Week so we have put together our top tips for using your La-Z-Boy recliner safely:

  1. Keep them for rest rather than play

Children can make a game out of almost anything but make sure any little ones visiting your home know that your La-Z-Boy recliner is not a toy. Don’t let small children operate it by themselves and discourage them from using the recliner for anything other than sitting.


  1. Mind the gap

When you are relaxing on your chair in a reclined position with the footrest up, this creates a gap where little fingers could get trapped. Make sure young children are careful around the footrest and the reclining mechanism. Always double check the area is completely clear before putting the footrest down into a closed position.


  1. Teach safety first

If you decide to allow older children and teenagers to use your recliner, make sure you show them how to use it properly first. Get them to practice using the recline function under your supervision first and don’t allow them to use it alone until you are confident they are able to do so in a responsible and safe way.


  1. Watch out for switches

If your La-Z-Boy chair has a power recline switch, don’t let children play with it. We all know buttons are tempting for little ones (you only have to watch how enthusiastic toddlers are in a lift to know that they find pressing them hard to resist) but try and teach them that the switches on recliners are for grown-ups only. Always supervise children if they are playing near the switch to make sure it doesn’t get pressed accidentally.


  1. Be vigilant with visitors

You may feel confident that your own children and grandchildren understand how to stay safe around your recliner but it is important to make sure any visitors understand the rules too. Accidents are more likely to happen with children who are unfamiliar with their surroundings so keep a close eye on any little visitors to your home.