Royal Navy patrol ship treated to La-Z-Boy comfort

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The crew of Royal Navy offshore patrol vessel HMS Forth is enjoying La-Z-Boy comfort in its downtime with the donation of four recliner armchairs.

The new ship, which patrols the Falkland Islands, is the first of five second-generation River-class ships built with the goal of being stationed long-term around the globe, protecting UK interests/citizens, working will regional allies and flying the flag for Britain.

Weapons engineer Jamie Philpot took it upon himself to contact La-Z-Boy and see if the brand could help make the ship’s mess area more homely.

He said: “As a brand new ship coming out of build, our mess was plain and didn’t have much of a personal touch to it.  We know the reputation La-Z-Boy has, so I thought that on the off chance I would make contact and see whether the company could donate anything to the ship to help boost morale and the improve the overall look and feel of the ship.”

The Nicholas chairs are individual swivel recliners, complete with storage footstool.

Jamie continued: “The chairs are brilliant!  They are located in the junior rates dining and living area, in the ship’s library/gym and finally in the executive officers’ cabin. The chairs have proven to be able to handle extremely rough weather, helping ship’s company try to relax even in a sea state seven (high waves).

“Thanks again to La-Z-Boy for the generosity.  The chairs have gone a long way to enhancing the living area of the ship.”