Six hot interiors trends for 2019

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One way to feel positive and proactive during the cold, dark weeks is to give your home a makeover for 2019.

Making a few changes can give your living space a new lease of life ready for the year ahead. These are some of 2019’s hottest interiors trends which could give your home the boost you’re looking for:

  1. Make way for mustard

Mustard yellow is set to be big news on the decorating front in 2019. Expect to see this bold colour used to create statement walls all over the UK. If you’re not sure about getting the paintbrushes out, you could invest in mustard accessories instead and buy new cushions, throws and ornaments in the fashionable hue.


  1. Cool as a cactus

Bring your home up to date by introducing some cacti and succulents. Spiky cactus arrangements can bring life to your windowsills, coffee tables and fireplaces. There’s lots of choice to suit your personal sense of style and they are fairly low maintenance too. Just be careful not to touch them – and keep them away from pets and little ones – as some of the spines can get stuck in your skin and be quite painful.


  1. Classic caramels

Warm caramel colours will be all over homes in 2019. The neutral shades are versatile enough to suit most tastes but more modern and welcoming than the usual off-whites or magnolias. In fact, the Dulux Colour of the Year for 2019 is a shade that fits firmly in with the caramel family. Called Spiced Honey, the paint is an autumnal amber hue and has been selected by colour experts for its warmth and positivity.


  1. Fringe benefits

Fringes and tassels are big news on the catwalk and you can expect them to be making their way into interiors too. Think fringed cushions, rugs and throws as well as curtain tassels to add an element of luxury to your living room.


  1. Back to nature

Indoor hanging baskets, floor to ceiling plants and different shades of green will be bringing nature into our homes throughout 2019. Popular wallpapers will include those featuring palm prints, woodland scenes and foliage.


  1. The home bar

As more and more people choose to entertain their friends at home instead of going out, the home bar is expected to become a fixture in many homes. A modern twist on the drinks cabinet popular in the 1970s, you can buy a purpose-built creation or just add your favourite tipples to a stylish cupboard, dresser or even a drinks trolley.

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