Summer style - how to accessorise your living space

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Do you want to give your living room a summer makeover without the expense and effort of redecorating?

Adding accessories is the perfect way of transforming a space in your home to reflect changing seasons, trends or moods. You can create a whole new look for summer without spending a lot of money or making any permanent changes.

  1. Add some greenery

Introducing leafy plants into your home will give it a summery, tropical vibe. They also help purify the air so can be beneficial to your health. Potted palms and rubber trees are striking and low maintenance. If you are looking to make a more colourful statement, you may want to consider flowering house plants like African violets, orchids or hibiscus.


  1. Ice cream colours

Adding pops of colour around your room can have a dramatic impact without too much effort. This summer, pastel colours inspired by ice cream flavours are big news. If pastels aren’t your thing, vibrant tropical colours are also a favourite for interiors in 2018. Vases, cushions and ornaments are simple ways of introducing a new colour to your space. Make sure you have several items in colours which match or follow the same theme if you want to make a noticeable difference.


  1. Lighten the mood

Lighting is very effective at changing the mood and atmosphere of a room. Lamps can create a warm, cosy feeling in particular areas and can have a practical purpose too, for example making a reading corner in your living room. You could also add a dimmer switch to your main light to give you more lighting options. Freshen up your interior with a new lampshade – chandeliers and pendant lights have the potential to give your room a completely new look.


  1. Reboot with a rug

New flooring is a big investment but buying a rug is a more affordable way to add new life to your room. This summer’s hot trends include safari wildlife, leaf prints and exotic birds. You could also be ahead of the game by introducing a fringed rug to your living room.


  1. Make a statement with your sofa

The focal point of your living room is likely to be your sofa or three piece suite. La-Z-Boy makes premium quality sofas and armchairs in a wide variety of colours to suit any style or theme. If you’re happy with the sofa you have, you can give it a new lease of life by adding colourful or textured cushions or even a throw. Trends to look out for this summer include pineapples, palm leaves and macramé.