What your choice in sofa says about you

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Choosing a sofa is a big decision and one which says a lot about you and your lifestyle.

Your sofa is a key piece of furniture in your home and is usually the focal point of your living room. While other items of furniture may come and go depending on your mood, most people pick a sofa with the intention of keeping it for years.

  1. The leather sofa

You have a strong sense of style and value timeless classics. You also have a practical side and want something durable that will last for years. You may have children or grandchildren so want something that will wipe down easily in case of spills.


  1. The recliner sofa

You make relaxation and comfort a priority in your life. You are a hard worker but when you sink down into your sofa, you want to be able to switch off from the world and let go of all your stresses.


  1. The bright fabric sofa

You have a bold personality and you are not afraid to show it. You like to express your own sense of personal style and enjoy experimenting with interior design. You like to make a statement and don’t mind being a bit different and standing out from the crowd.


  1. The neutral sofa

When it comes to making decisions, you are careful and considered. You see your sofa as an important investment piece and want to have the freedom of changing your décor without having to change your sofa. You value subtlety and think that less is more when it comes to furnishing your home.


  1. The sofa bed

You have a practical side and want to get the most out of your furniture. You are creative when it comes to thinking of ways to use the space in your home. Popular and fun-loving, you like to be spontaneous and have friends and family to stay.


  1. The modular sofa

You are not afraid of change and like flexibility. You want to be able to rearrange your living room to fit in with your changing mood. Relaxing is important to you so your sofa plays a key role in your living space. You are also sociable and welcoming and want to be able to entertain a large number of people in comfort.


  1. The corner sofa

Family and friends are important to you and you will often have a house full of people. You like to be able to stretch out and relax but you also enjoy having other people close by. As well as thriving on being around other people, you have a practical side and like to make sure you are getting the best use of the space you have at home.