Why you don’t need to leave your living room to enjoy the World Cup

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Unless you hate football or have been living under a rock, you’ll know that the World Cup kicks off in Russia on Thursday, June 14.

But don’t worry if you haven’t been able to get tickets for any of the matches, the best place to watch the action is from the comfort of your own living room.

Here’s four reasons why:

  1. Save a fortune by staying at home

A trip to the World Cup is likely to set you back hundreds of pounds as well as using up your precious annual leave. As well as the cost of flights and accommodation, the price of tickets to group stage matches cost between £79 and £158 each, depending on where you sit. But even if you were just planning to watch the games down at your local pub, you’ll still make a considerable saving by staying at home instead. A pint of lager will typically cost just over £3.50 in the UK and that’s before you start shelling out for meals or snacks. Stock up your own fridge and then your favourite tipple will be on hand when you want it and you can save your cash for something else.


  1. Avoid the crowds

More than 1.5 million people are expected to travel to Russia for the World Cup, according to the Russian Federal Agency for Tourism. And with England’s games all taking place in the evening or at weekends when most people won’t be at work, pubs showing the matches are likely to get pretty crowded too. Rather than having to crane your head to get a glimpse of the action or risk missing a crucial goal while you’re queuing up at the bar, take control of the TV remote and get the best view of every kick and tackle.


  1. Be an armchair spectator

Let’s be honest, the seats at football stadiums aren’t known for luxury or comfort. And if you are watching England play at a pub, you’ll be lucky if you manage to perch awkwardly on a bar stool. Spending 90 minutes on your feet, jostling for a decent view of the TV isn’t most people’s idea of fun. Get the best seat in the house by sinking into your La-Z-Boy sofa or armchair and watch in total comfort instead. Put your feet up, sit back and enjoy watching Gareth Southgate’s side – you could even take a cat-nap during half-time!


  1. Choose your own company

Anyone who has ever watched football at a bar will know what it’s like to get stuck listening to the pub bore. If you’re unlucky enough to get trapped with him or her in close proximity, expect to hear their views on everything from the starting line-up to the referee’s dubious decisions with a blow-by-blow commentary of the entire game. You also have to run the gauntlet of the boisterous fans who have had too much to drink and are looking for trouble and the super tall man-giant whose head seems to get in the way of the screen every time something interesting happens. If you stay at home, you can also choose who you share the experience with. Create your own match day atmosphere by inviting friends over for a World Cup party or if you’d prefer a quieter affair, sink into your La-Z-Boy armchair and watch the match by yourself or with your nearest and dearest.