Camilla armchair

Sleek as well as sumptuous, Camilla brings luxury to your living room.

This Camilla armchair, available as a power recliner, manual recliner or static model, can be customised with an extensive selection of high quality fabrics or leathers.

An option with contrast trim is available in selected colourways. A storage footstool completes your living room.


Dimensions are Length x Depth x Height in centimetres.

Chair Power Recliner 112 99 99

Chair Manual Recliner 112 99 99

Chair Static 112 99 99

Recliner options

Available in the following recliner options

  • Static
  • Power
  • Manual


Camilla armchair main image
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Mezzo Two Tone
Ice White & Mink leather swatch Ice White & Mink
Ice White & Parchment leather swatch Ice White & Parchment
Ice White & Hessian leather swatch Ice White & Hessian
Mink & Ice White leather swatch Mink & Ice White
Mink & Hessian leather swatch Mink & Hessian
Parchment & Ice White leather swatch Parchment & Ice White
Parchment & Mink leather swatch Parchment & Mink
Parchment & Squirrel Grey leather swatch Parchment & Squirrel Grey
Ebony & Silver Haze leather swatch Ebony & Silver Haze
Ebony & Fog leather swatch Ebony & Fog
Fog & Ebony leather swatch Fog & Ebony
Fog & Silver Haze leather swatch Fog & Silver Haze
Fog & Squirrel Grey leather swatch Fog & Squirrel Grey
Navy & Fog leather swatch Navy & Fog
Silver Haze & Ebony leather swatch Silver Haze & Ebony
Silver Haze & Fog leather swatch Silver Haze & Fog
Squirrel Grey & Fog leather swatch Squirrel Grey & Fog
Hessian & Ice White leather swatch Hessian & Ice White
Hessian & Mink leather swatch Hessian & Mink
Tutti Two Tone
Cloud & Midnight leather swatch Cloud & Midnight
Midnight & Cloud leather swatch Midnight & Cloud
Midnight & Steel leather swatch Midnight & Steel
Wool & Espresso leather swatch Wool & Espresso
Wool & Taupe leather swatch Wool & Taupe