Otta armchair

Our Otta armchair marries mid century modern vibes with sophisticated comfort technology to bring you a unique relaxation experience. Featuring pocket sprung seats for a supportive sit, Otta boasts a high back to cushion your neck and head, with power head tilt for customisable configuration. This sleek range has a wide selection of options to suit your living space. Choose your favourite high quality leather and fabric colourway with selected shades featuring contrast piping. Otta features a three seater sofa, two seater sofa and chair, all in power recline with head tilt as well as a chaise end unit in with power recline end seat, also featuring power head tilt. A foot stool completes your living space.


Dimensions are Length x Depth x Height in centimetres.

Power Chair with Head tilt 102 99 105

Power chair 102 99 105

Static chair 102 99 105

Recliner options

Available in the following recliner options

  • Static
  • Power


Otta armchair main image
Otta armchair image 1 Otta armchair image 2 Otta armchair image 3 Otta armchair image 4

Personalise your Otta armchair

Fifth Avenue
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Chocolate fabric swatch Chocolate
Mink fabric swatch Mink
Nickel fabric swatch Nickel
Shiraz fabric swatch Shiraz
Graphite fabric swatch Graphite
Mink fabric swatch Mink
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Ash fabric swatch Ash
Igneous fabric swatch Igneous
Silver fabric swatch Silver
Tan fabric swatch Tan
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