Julia corner group

Julia’s combination of compact features with high-back comfort make this range a winning choice for many La-Z-Boy fans. 
Sized to fit perfectly into even the more bijoux living spaces, our Julia corner group comes as a static model or a power recliner – with the added choice of power head tilt for your ultimate comfort. Solid wood feet complete the contemporary look.
Take your pick of our wide range of La-Z-Boy fabrics and leathers to further tailor your Julia chair, sofa or corner group.


Dimensions are Length x Depth x Height in centimetres.

RHF/LHF Power Head Tilt Recliner 97 98 104
RHF/LHF Power Recliner 97 98 104
RHF/LHF Static 97 98 104
Middle Seat Power Head Tilt 74 99 102
Middle Seat Power 74 99 102
Middle Seat Static 74 99 102
Corner Seat Unit 173 117 102

Recliner options

Available in the following recliner options

  • Static
  • Power


Julia corner group main image
Julia corner group image 1 Julia corner group image 2
Blanco fabric swatch Blanco
Ink fabric swatch Ink
Pewter fabric swatch Pewter
Indigo fabric swatch Indigo
Merlot fabric swatch Merlot
Panda fabric swatch Panda
Pewter fabric swatch Pewter
Smoke fabric swatch Smoke
Stone fabric swatch Stone
Tigereye fabric swatch Tigereye
Burlap fabric swatch Burlap
Granite fabric swatch Granite
Indigo fabric swatch Indigo
Java fabric swatch Java
Muslin fabric swatch Muslin
Indigo fabric swatch Indigo
Linen fabric swatch Linen
Mocha fabric swatch Mocha
Platinum fabric swatch Platinum
Shiitake fabric swatch Shiitake
Cafe fabric swatch Cafe
Grey fabric swatch Grey
Indigo fabric swatch Indigo
Ivory fabric swatch Ivory
Jet fabric swatch Jet
Lime fabric swatch Lime
Linen fabric swatch Linen
Burgundy fabric swatch Burgundy
Cappucino fabric swatch Cappucino
Cranberry fabric swatch Cranberry
Indigo fabric swatch Indigo
Platinum fabric swatch Platinum
Silver fabric swatch Silver
Black leather swatch Black
Blanco leather swatch Blanco
Ink leather swatch Ink
Parchment leather swatch Parchment
Spa leather swatch Spa
Storm leather swatch Storm
Teal leather swatch Teal
Charcoal leather swatch Charcoal
Cobblestone leather swatch Cobblestone
Coffeebean leather swatch Coffeebean
Grey leather swatch Grey
Ice leather swatch Ice
Mushroom leather swatch Mushroom
Stone leather swatch Stone
Teal leather swatch Teal
Beige leather swatch Beige
Walnut leather swatch Walnut
Lead Grey leather swatch Lead Grey
Stone leather swatch Stone
Pewter leather swatch Pewter
Oregano leather swatch Oregano
Sunburst leather swatch Sunburst
Butterscotch leather swatch Butterscotch
Dark Chocolate leather swatch Dark Chocolate
Black leather swatch Black
Flame leather swatch Flame
Lavender Grey leather swatch Lavender Grey
Ocean leather swatch Ocean