How do I clean or look after my fabric sofa?

With the right care, you will be able to enjoy many happy years with your La-Z-Boy furniture as a continual source of pride and satisfaction.  Here are a few tips to get the most from your fabric upholstery.

  • Avoid snagging. Items such as jewellery, watches and buckles can all catch and pull threads from your upholstery.  If a thread becomes snagged, cut it short so it will be less noticeable.
  • Arms receive a good deal of wear. Matching arm caps can be purchased if required to offer additional protection.
  • Hair, oil or grease can all soil head pillows. Headset covers can help prevent wear to this area.
  • Avoid direct sunlight. Position your furniture out of sunlight if possible, or draw curtains or blinds to protect it.
  • Clean regularly to keep colours bright. Vacuum the upholstery and go over it with a soft brush.  NEVER use a stiff fibre or metal brush, as this will damage the fabric.
  • Wet cleaning is not recommended unless otherwise specified. Washing the fabric can cause colours to bleed.

Acrylic (Dralon and similar) velvets will crease and crush during normal use, creating random shading.  These are not wear marks, but simply pile displacement. This is an inherent characteristic of this type of fabric and is nothing to worry about.