Manual recliner chairs

Relaxing has never been so easy as with a La-Z-Boy manual recliner chair.

Our classic latch release mechanism allows you to put your feet up in an instant and drift into a world of comfort.

We offer a selection of styles of manual recliner chairs, all exclusively designed for the UK and Ireland.  And the majority of our ranges come in a choice of luxury fabrics or a selection of grades of leather, in an array of colourways, allowing you to customise your choice to fit with your tastes and décor.

Manual recliner chairs are often popular because they can fit flexibly within the layout of your living space, without the need to be close to a power supply.

Once you’ve found the perfect latch release recliner for you, visit our online store finder to find your nearest stockist and try out a La-Z-Boy recliner first-hand.