Everett two seater sofa

Choose a world of comfort with our enchanting Everett two seater sofa.

Incorporating traditional elements of some all time favourite La-Z- Boy ranges, Everett offers a supportive sit, no matter what your room shape – whether you choose a corner group, three-piece suite or a combination.

What’s more, with the flexible Everett corner group you can simply add sections together to create your perfect configuration, including the luxury of reclining middle seats.


Dimensions are Length x Depth x Height in centimetres.


Two Seater Power & Head Tilt 200 100 102 T

wo Seater Power Recliner 200 100 102

Two Seater Manual Recliner 200 100 102

Two Seater Static 200 100 102


Recliner options

Available in the following recliner options

  • Static
  • Power
  • Manual


Everett two seater sofa main image
Everett two seater sofa image 1 Everett two seater sofa image 2 Everett two seater sofa image 3
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