Hinton three seater sofa

With its bold styling and optional accent lighting, this Hinton three seater sofa is guaranteed to be the centre of attention. 
Featuring a high back and full chaise leg rest for ultimate support, plus extra-wide padded arms, Hinton is built for relaxation.
Its waterfall style foot rest provides a stylish point of interest, but Hinton’s big statement comes with its option of LED light strips beneath the recline, providing a gentle glow. Hinton is available as a manual recliner, or a power recliner, plus the option of the LED light bar on the power version.
Choose your ideal colour option from a wide range of high quality fabrics and leathers including two-tone options.


Dimensions are Length x Depth x Height in centimetres.

Power Recliner With USB & Light Bar 206 99 104
Power Recliner With USB 206 99 104
Manual Recliner 206 99 104

Recliner options

Available in the following recliner options

  • Power
  • Manual


Hinton three seater sofa main image
Hinton three seater sofa image 1 Hinton three seater sofa image 2 Hinton three seater sofa image 3
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